Cafe crawling: espresso room


With a food-hall-kind-of-feel, you might expect this cafe to be a little soulless, but that is not the case here. The friendly staff make this a nice place to be, and the expansive windows let in LOADS of natural light – great for those of us with some reading to do.

The main shortcoming is the amount of background noise.  The bare acoustics tend to amplify the noise levels when there are more than a handful of people here.  This is not helped by the low grade cafe music playing too-loud through  cheap muffly speakers pointed directly at the patrons.  Dudes – turn off the ‘bass boost’ and turn it down!

Otherwise, a more than reasonable cafe.

Natural light: 10
Ambient noise: 6
Appropriate music volume: 4
Music style: 5

Range: 9
Veg options: 8.5

Benedict rating:

Service: 10

The Espresso Room on Urbanspoon

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